August 17, 2019
2 months and 6 days since
our celebration.


Unbelievably, it has been 30 YEARS since we last attempted a family reunion in Ireland.  30!!!

We have lost some of the greats since then, but gained dozens more around the globe.  So why not get this crew together once more back in Ireland to celebrate where it all began?

Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe will be the setting for a reunion dinner on Saturday, August 17, 2019.  More details will be posted here as we get closer to the event regarding logistics, etc. 

Until then, feel free to use this space to connect, plan any other ancillary events around that timeframe
(golf outings, sight seeing, etc.), or otherwise just get in the spirit and plan to come!

All are of course welcome and please pass this site along to anyone who may have been missed (and send their contact info to so we can get them included going forward).

To set the mood and help particularly any of the newbies (half of us) or memory impaired (the other half), this site has a family tree, photo albums, message board and other info.  Please feel free to upload, edit, post and otherwise get involved.

Looking forward to an incredible event with you all and hope you all can make it!