Hi family!!
Less than 3 months to go!  As such, it is time to get a quick update email out to everyone regarding the upcoming Carney Family Reunion.  Based on the headcount on the website and other word of mouth, we are looking at over 100 people!!  This is going to be amazing and I believe the largest-ever collection of Carneys we’ve ever attempted!  More are welcome though so if you are still trying to decide, please get on board!  Thank you all for the enthusiasm and cannot wait to see you all! 
Hotel Rooms
First of all, as previously mentioned, we have a book of rooms at the Shearwater Hotel under the “Carney Family Reunion”.  The hotel sent me a list of every person that has reserved a room from our block of rooms.   On May 28th, I emailed every one of you on that list with the details of your reservation.  If you did not get an email from me that included your confirmation #, it means they did not have you listed under our book of rooms.  Please check directly with the hotel to confirm you do indeed have a room if you need one to avoid confusion. (It could be you reserved a room in addition to our block, which is fine).
As of right now, we still have a few available rooms, although the hotel is asking if we still need them.  If you still need a room or are unsure if you have one, please check in with the hotel quickly before they are all gone.
Weekend Schedule
I have a received a lot of great input on the weekend and potential activities.  With a group this large, it is tough to optimally coordinate every minute for everyone.  People will be arriving different times, and all have different ideas on preferred side activities (e.g. trips to Galway, Cliffs of Moher, golf, shopping, etc.).  So we decided to have 2 to 3 primary events designed to get the most people together as possible, and let folks fill in the open time as they like.
The focal point will obviously be the Saturday night dinner at Shearwater in Ballinasloe.  Many wanted to get out to Caltra as well, and several are departing on Sunday.  With these primary guidelines, we have pulled together 3 events:
Friday night Mass and Pub – Caltra:  We have a Carney Family Mass on Friday the 16th at 7:30pm in Caltra.  People are welcome to come out to the homestead in Caltra before or after Mass.  Afterwards, we can all convene at the Caltra Inn pub for the first official get together of this weekend.
To keep things simple (and to avoid the Garda who are significantly cracking down on drunk driving) we have secured a bus to take people to and from the Shearwater to Caltra and back.  More details on the bus to follow, but I anticipate it running at least twice to Caltra and twice back to Ballinasloe (to accommodate people who prefer to head out or back earlier or later).  Regardless, the bus is at our disposal between 5:30 pm and about midnight.  Please just let me know if you plan to use the bus so we can have an accurate headcount.  (Also, if you are looking to do other excursions on other days I can put you in touch with the bus company if you need.  They seem pretty accommodating). 
Saturday night – Shearwater Hotel Dinner:  Cocktail hour, dinner and music starting at 6pm at the Shearwater Hotel until whenever…  AKA… The Main Event  😊.  Dinner is €15 per person with a DJ and cash bar. 
Sunday am – Brunch @ Shearwater Hotel:  Nothing too formal or fancy, but many people are leaving the Shearwater Sunday.  Why not come have brunch if you’re free?  (more details to follow but I guarantee you’ll know someone there).
Photos before, during and after…
One thing we thought would make Saturday night special would be to have a running slide show of any and all family photos people want to share.  Colleen and Maureen Green have agreed to collect any pictures you want to send in and we’ll get it displayed during the event.  As people take pics during the weekend, they can also send those in after the event and we can make them available to all as well.
If you have anything you’d like to share, please send pics to Colleen or Maureen.  Electronic copies are easiest, and you can simply email them to The1CarneyFamily@gmail.com.  If you have hard copies and want them to scan, please send them to:
Maureen Green
26 Dix Road
Waltham, MA 02451
Make sure you note “DO NOT BEND” on the envelope.
The more YOU send in the better!!
Travel logistics, sharing, etc.
In addition to needing to get more accurate headcounts for the trip to Caltra or the Saturday Shearwater dinner, which is most critical at this time, many of you have asked me who is flying in when and where, how can I contact them, etc.  As such, I’ve pulled together the attached spreadsheet to hopefully capture this information if you want to share it. 
Once this gets fleshed out, I will put a password protected version out somewhere so you can all access.
Otherwise, thank you all for the tremendous enthusiasm for this event and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests and I’ll do my best to accommodate.  If you have siblings or others you know that are on the fence, now is the time to get them on board.  Rooms are going fast and this is an event for sure they do not want to miss.
Special thanks to Anita, Martina, Ann, Ernie, Maureen and Colleen Green, EVERYONE in Ireland who is opening their doors and allowing us to have such an event (invasion) 😊 and many more for helping with a lot of the logistics and input as well.
See you soon!
Best regards,
Bill Kelly
Please click this link below to access the Headcount Spreadsheet: